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Proud to become a LEED professional…

Today I have passed my LEED G.A with 192/200 in my first attempt…

I Prepared for exam only with Mr. Bazeeth’s study materials… As it’s named, they have made it really easy. Special thanks to Mr. Bazeeth, Mr. Arshad and Mr. Balaji…

Senthil Kumar S
February 15, 2015

Passed exam only with 2 days preparation

Today I have passed my LEED G.A with 192/200 in my first attempt…

Thanks a lot GBA team , I passed the exam in just 2 days of preparation and scored 184/200.Personal thanks to Bazeeth.

Waiting for AP BD+C to start with.

Abhishek seth
December 31, 2014
Landmark group dubai

Best choice for busy people

Dear GBA Team

I’ve passed my GA exam by first attempt with 189 points, using only your LEED GA Made Easy course.
Thank you.

Joanna Irzyk
December 17, 2014

Very Good initiative started by Green building academy for helping
aspirants to attend LEED certification

I would like to strongly state that I like the approach of Green building academy for helping aspirants to attend LEED certification and very much like the course content which is excellent for preparing for LEED GA examination.

Gaurang Talegaonkar
Dy General Manager MEP ­ Construction Management
Lodha Developers Pvt Ltd

Gaurang Talegaonkar
December 10, 2014
Lodha Developers Pvt Ltd

Time to say I m also a LEED Professional

” Now it’s time to say I am also LEED professional”

Today( 05/12/2014) got cleared throught LEED Green Associate exam in my first attempt , just want to say thanks to Mr Bazeeth for this coaching classes and best video tutorials which I used to watch on regular basis and which helped me a lot to crack the exam…

Looking ahead for LEED BD+C .

Naresh Kumar

Naresh Kumar
December 5, 2014
Gulf Lights Electrical Engineering Lighting

Green Building Academy Study Material Very Useful

Hi, I recently passed LEED GA V4 with Green Building Academy’s study resources. The videos provided was very useful and made things to look very easy. Thank you very much for helping me out in passing the exam.

I scored 178/200.

Thank You,
Viswanathan. S

December 4, 2014
Blue Crescent Engineering, Trading & Contracting W.L.L

Passed LEED GA: 192/200

Dear Sir,
Today I passed the LEED GA Examination in my first attempt itself.I could get a score of 192. I referred the material provided by you only.Nothing more.Thank you Sir.

Once again thank you for your timely support and guidance.

I wish all the best for the academy.

Electrical Engineer
Arab Engineering Bureau

December 4, 2014
Arab Engineering Bureau

Passed LEED GA 193/200

Passed the LEED GA with a Grade of 193/200. The course proved very useful. Thank you

December 1, 2014

Specialists in Water Features & Swimming Pools

Dear Bazeeth Sir,
Thank you for helping me to get LEED GA Accreditation (v4) . I was not expecting a score of 190/200.

Ranjith Sivaraman
26th Nov 14

Ranjith Sivaraman
November 26, 2014
Tadmur Roofs & Pools WLL

Useful material for LEED V4 Green Associate

Mr.Bazeeth, Mr.Arshad, Mr.G.Balaji and the Green building academy, I would like to say thank you for providing such a useful material for LEED V4 GA. I would say your material is enough to pass this exam. There is no need to read any other stuff. Your exam material is so concise and to the point. It is very easy to understand too. Combination of videos, Audios, PDF and PowerPoint slides as well as sample exam is a very convenient approach. I have passed LEED V4 GA with 185 out of 200. Now I am looking forward for taking LEED AP, BD+C soon. I hope you will provide study materials for that as well.

Hemal Bharodia
November 18, 2014

The study guide made it easy to grasp all the concepts

It is with much gratitude that I would like to thank you for publishing your LEED Green Associate Made Easy study guide, and making it freely available to the public. Today, I took the LEED Green Associate Exam, and passed with a score of 189. Your guide was the primary source of studying I used for the exam. I don’t think I could have passed without it.

I was wanting to take a LEED exam, but had no LEED project experience. So I had to earn the entire LEED process myself from scratch. Your study guide really made it easy to grasp all of the concepts of how the rating system and prerequisites and credits work, as well as the important terminology. In the span of only two weeks, I was able to get a complete understanding of the material needed to pass the exam.

I took a few mock exams that I found on the internet. The real exam, for me, turned out to be easier than the mock ones. The mock exams had material that was not on the real exam or in your study guide. Now that I passed the Green Associate Exam, I am going to look into taking the BD+C exam. Hopefully, your organization has study material (whether free or for a paid fee) on the specialty exam.

I work for a large city agency in New York, and out of the 80 or so architects and engineers in my office, there’s only two people that I know of that have LEED credentials. So, now there’s three!

Again, thank you for your great study guide. I will give it to anyone else I know who is looking to take the LEED Green Associate Exam.

Jeffrey Ornstein
Brooklyn, New York

Jeffrey Ornstein
November 17, 2014

Green building academy

Your course material were very helpful to pass the exam of LEED GA Hope to start courses of LEED AP with you soon.


Amro Hussein
November 10, 2014
Shannon engineering

This course was the perfect fit for me

I have really enjoyed my studies in this course. I appreciate the colored study notes,the audio and video lessons, the quizes and preparation tests, and much more. After about 10 questions into exam, I realized that this study course was the perfect fit for me. I especially appreciate the affordability of the course, and look forward to many more. I am so excited to see what is next. Please keep in touch.

Joy Davis
November 16, 2014

Green Building Academy..very much encouraging

I passed the LEED Green Associate exam today with a score 186/200 on the first attempt, a special thanks to Mr.Bazeeth, Mr.Arshad, Mr.G.Balaji and the Green building academy for such a tremendous and comprehensive efforts in delivering the best study materials and video lectures in a professional way that really made it easy to understand, and i am looking forward to the LEED AP exam study materials. and thanks again to Mr.Bazeeth.

Mohamed elsayed mohamed abdelwahab
November 6, 2014
Tri Construction

Passed LEED GA 191/200

I have passed the LEED GA Exam with a score of 191 out of 200.Thankyou for the great support from Mr Bazeeth and Green Building Academy for the support and materials

October 28, 2014

Passed LEED Green Associate

I have passed LEED Green Associate successfully & scored 178 out of 200 marks.Thanks a lot for MMTI, specially Mr. Bazeeth, who trained & help me for the preparation of LEEDGA exam.

Mushtaq Sadique Mohamed
October 8, 2014
White Young Qatar