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  • Please provide current data for certified and registered projects under LEED certification across world.

  • do we have to study any other material to get ready for Exam

    • Hi,

      In our experience, we are quite sure that our LEED Green Associate Made Easy – Online Course contents along with the Practice Examination sessions are well enough to pass the examination in 3-4 weeks with consistent preparation. So, we recommend our candidates to not get confused of vast irrelevant information available on the internet. Just stick with our Course contents and Q&A sessions.

      Hope it clarifies

      Venkatesh S

  • Hi,

    which are the chapter carries more weight in exam. means more question can be asked.

    • Hi,

      As you know LEED Green Associate Examination composed of 100 Questions. Here we provide Chapter-wise break-up for your reference:
      LEED Certification Process – 16 Questions [Covered in Chapter 11]
      Integrative Process – 8 Questions
      Location and Transportation – 8 Questions
      Sustainable Sites – 7 Questions
      Water Efficiency – 9 Questions
      Energy Efficiency – 10 Questions
      Materials and Resources – 9 Questions
      Indoor Environment Quality – 8 Questions
      Project Surroundings and Public Outreach – 11 Questions [Covered in Chapter 11 & 12]

      Hope it clarifies,

      Venkatesh S

  • hi i try to open Q/A, it is not opening. there is a message ” not plug in”
    mohammad zakir hussain

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