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  • I was pleased with the format of the LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE Made Easy V4; and I was successful in passing the LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE as a result. So Naturally without hesitation I purchased the LEED AP BD+C v4 study guide; but unfortunately i am finding that the format is dissimilar. I was looking forward to taking the mock practice exams for the LEED AP BD+C v4; but so far I have not seen any which is very disappointing.

  • Hi,

    Do you really think that this Q&A practice is enough to fetch passing scores. Or do we need to practice other mock questions?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Candidate,

      We can confirm that our study resources are sufficient to pass the LEED Green Associate exam.

      We have designed the course content to be precise suitable for working professionals
      There are hundreds of candidates who have passed the exam by study only (they score between 175 to 185) our study resources.
      Please referto
      Pay particular attention to Sample Exam 3 and Course addendum. Apologies for delay.
      Best Regards,
      Venkatesh S

  • Hi,
    In slide #8 of this Chapter, you talked about major renovations which includes:
    a. Building Envelope Changes
    b. HVAC system changes
    c. Major interior changes.

    My question is, how to quantify interior changes to categorize it into LEED BD+C instead of LEED ID+C?


    • Hello Yi
      Thanks for your question.
      There is no specific rule to classify major interior renovation and minor interior renovation. The project team will decide about it.
      Here are some guidelines:
      1. Is the occupancy type changes like resi to commercial then consider it as major renovation.
      2.Is the building has to be vacated to do the renovation then consider it as major renovation
      3. Is there a consultant involved or government approval required for the renovation then consider it as major renovation

      Hope it clarifies

      Venkatesh S

  • hello,

    i am not able to connect for video session of chapter 2.


  • hi,i try to connect Q & A, but i couldn’t plug in.what is reason for that, thanks
    Mohammad Zakir Hussain

    • Hi,

      We checked your account, its working well. Kindly try after clearing your browser cookies.

      Feel free to contact us for further clarifications if required.

      Venkatesh S

  • i try to connect Q & A, but i couldn’t plug in.what is reason for that, thanks

  • Which of the following would be a construction phase credit?

    A-Storage and collection of recyclables
    B-Innovation in design credit, Leed AP in project team
    c-Indoor water use reduction

    • Hi,

      Credits which will be documented during Design stage of a project are named as ‘Design Phase Credits’ whereas Credits documented during Construction stage of a project are named as ‘Construction Stage Credits’. All the credits listed by you, i.e. Storage and Collection of recyclables, Indoor Water Use Reduction and Innovation – LEED AP credits are Design phase credits.

      Hope it clarifies

      Venkatesh S

  • what is the appropriate use of LEED logo?

    A) For link to website

    B)To indicate an organisations USGBC membership

    • Hi,

      USBGC Member Companies can use USGBC Logo in website, Business Cards and E-mail Signature. Individuals cannot be a member for USGBC. However, Full-time employees of USGBC Member companies will be considered as USGBC Members and they can utilize membership benefits (eg. fee concession for Credential examinations) from USGBC.

      Hope it clarifies

      Venkatesh S

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