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If you have landed into this page you might have passed LEED Exam recently and you wanted to maintain your LEED Credential.

LEED Credentials are valid for 2 years. Within 2 years you will have to complete certain number of continuing education (CE) hours. The topic of credential maintenance is also one of the frequently asked questions during my courses and post course emails. This article details:

  1. Requirements of LEEDCredential Maintenance?
  2. How to earn CE Hours?
  3. Where to look for Continuing Education Hours?
  4. How to report your Continuing Education Hours?
  5. Summary and conclusion
  6. List of resources mentioned in this article


1.  Requirements of LEED Credential Maintenance:


GBCI requirements LEED Professionals to update their knowledge with evolving trends and technologies in Green Buildings and LEED. LEED Green Associate should complete 15 CE Hrs within a period of 2 years to maintain their credential (12 General CE Hours and 3 LEED Specific CE Hours)

LEED AP should complete 30 CE Hrs within a period of 2 years to maintain their credential (24 General CE Hours and 6 LEED Specific CE Hours)

Ref: Page 1:

General CE Hours: General CE hours are defined as activities that are relevant to general green building concepts such as environmental sustainability or human health and wellness, but not specific to any rating system or standard.

LEED Specific CE Hours: LEED-specific is defined as an activity that has an explicit connection to credit categories, credits and/or prerequisites found in any of the current LEED rating systems. For LEED APs, LEED-specific CE hours must relate directly to their specialty.

Tip: If you have passed LEED Green Associate exam and planning to take to LEED AP Specialty exam within the short period (say 6 months). I recommend you to focus on LEED AP exam preparation rather than CE Hours. Because if you pass LEED AP Exam the credential maintenance period will start from the date you pass the LEED AP specialty exam.


2.  How to earn CE Hours?


CE Hours can be maintained by the following activities:

  • Continuing Education (unlimited number of CE Hours) Education should be relevant to green building, which includes environmental sustainability and human health and wellness. Education for general CE hours can come from learning activities that are approved by GBCI, or from non-approved courses. Examples include college and university courses, simulated project participation, workshops, courses, and conference events. LEED Specific CE Hours should be approved by GBCI.
  • Project Participation (unlimited number of CE Hours)
  • Authorship (unlimited) Authorship is a credited contribution to a print or digital publication and is worth 3 CE hours for published article and 10 CE hours for published book. LEED-specific hours are designated for authoring that is directly related to LEED technical content.
  • Volunteering (no more than 50% of total CE hours) Volunteering includes participation in leadership positions, steering committees, or working groups, LEED, SITES, or WELL credential exam development and maintenance activities, or local USGBC community boards and committees or other volunteer organizations that support the LEED and SITES systems, or the WELL Building Standard. Volunteers can claim 1 hour per hour of participation. LEED-specific hours are designated for volunteering that is directly related to LEED technical content.

To keep it simple, in this article, we are going to discuss only Continuing Education activity.


3. Where to look for CE Hours?


There are many sources for earn CE Hours especially if you would like to pay. You can just google for LEED CE Hours to get number of sources.

I have few recommendations for free CE Hours from my own Credential Maintenance from 2008. These sources are also used by many of our candidates successfully,

1.AEC Daily (

Follow the steps below to get a list of CE Hours eligible for LEED Credential Maintenance. There are few paid course, but there are many free courses.



2. Mcgrawhill Continuing Education (

3. Trane Continuing Education

If you are a Mechanical Engineer and looking to learn something deep, I would strongly recommend Trane Continuing Education. Trane Continuing Education offers number of general and LEED specific CE Hours.

4. USGBC (

There are number of courses in USGBC website offered by USGBC and USGBC Education partners. You will have to login to your profile and browse through the courses. There are few free courses but many courses are paid


4. How to report your Continuing Education Hours?


Some courses are automatically reported when you complete the course. Sometimes you will have to manually report the course

Login to your USGBC account and follow the steps in the screenshot below:







5. Summary and Conclusion:


LEED Professionals are required to earn Continuing Education hours every 2 years to keep their credentials active. There are number of ways to earn CE Hours. Education is the easiest way for many professionals. This articles recommends free CE hours available in public domain for LEED Professionals


6. Resources mentioned in this article:


Mr. K M Bazeeth Ahamed is an USGBC LEED Faculty & consultant in Green Buildings. He has completed his Post Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology in 2002 and has spent 12 years in Academics, Research, MEP Contracting, Energy Audits and Green Building Consultancy.

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